We at SP Aesthetics are very proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2015 Fitness America Weekend™ and the Musclemania™ 25th Anniversary on November 20-21 in Las Vegas! It’s a great time for the fitness industry. With so many people competing and training for their own personal goals we think it’ll be great to present the “Most Aesthetic Award” to those who have worked so hard for months preparing with prize money.

We will award nearly $15,000 in prize money over the weekend presented to whom we deem to be the most aesthetic competitor in each category (This will be judged completely separate from the official Musclemania® and Fitness America™ official judging criteria and awards).
We will also award a special ‘People’s Choice Award’ to the competitor that gets the most on-line fan votes. If you are a competitor, see below for information about how to enter the ‘Peoples’ Choice Award’ on-line fan competition.

The prize money for the “Most Aesthetic Award” is broken down as follows:

Musclemania® Pro $1,500
Musclemania® America $1,000
Musclemania® World $1,000
Musclemania® Physique $1,000
Musclemania® Physique Pro $1,500
Ms. Bikini America™ $1,000
Ms. Bikini America™ Pro $1,500
Figure America™ $1,000
Figure America™ Pro $1,500
Model America™ – Male $1,000
Model America™ – Female $1,000
“Peoples’ Choice Award” $1,500

For complete show information, visit fitnessamerica.com for more details on the spectacular show.